Raketa Pocket watch

For a fascinating introduction to the world of Russian 24 hour watches, visit the site, where Andrei writes knowledgeably about their history and variety:

A 24 hour watch is not just about the expanse of a large country or technological achievements – it is about a different way of looking at both time and space.

Here’s an inexpensive and practical pocket watch that I bought recently from the Zenitar store at eBay, with Victor at Zenitar providing excellent service. It’s a mechanical Raketa. I know nothing about it, other than its price, a mere $35!

I had it modified to make the hands luminous: they’re usually given a simple reflective finish that renders them invisible in certain lighting conditions. With the new coating, the extra contrast makes the watch readable in most lights.


It’s starting to look at bit battered. I might have to buy another one every six months!



From the Airnautic Watch Company web site:

The guiding design philosophy of AirNautic® Watch Company is to separate day and night as the elemental parameters of the perception of time. The course of the sun determines our regeneration phases and influences the biological processes of all life forms on our planet. In extreme conditions under water, in space, in the labyrinth of a cave system, or in a polar night, the holistic information on time can save lives. Being able to easily and instantly read this information at a glance is part of the philosophy and design concept of the new AirNautic Watch Company.


How can you not want one of these!?

The sound of one hand ticking

A new single-handed 24 hour watch:


Here’s Klaus Botta on the philosophy of simplicity:

We live in a time of increasing complexity – the consequence of which is growing uncertainty and stress.A reduction in complexity and a focus on the bare essentials gives rise to a sense of security and calm. Coupled with the highly functional orientation of the product‘s stylistic vocabulary, this embodies the philosophy of Botta-Design, a philosophy which is particularly noticeable in our one-hand watches. Things become clearer and easier to comprehend when they are stripped down to the bare essentials

Prices start from 300 Euros. Visit Botta Design for details.

Cognitime’s DØGN watch

The new DØGN watch from Cognitime is certainly a thing of beauty:


It features an ingenious figure-of-eight display for the hours, surrounded by a circular minute dial. The segments light up according to the time: 12 noon and midnight meet in the center. The first 12 hours of the day are shown by an illuminated segment that marches counter-clockwise round the top circle, and the second 12 hours of the day marches round the lower circle.

It’s also got some scheduling and calendar features, but I haven’t been able to find out much about how these are supposed to work.

Where are the iPhone clocks?

Native applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch are arriving in droves at the iTunes App store. However, there are very few clock apps, and only one of interest to 24 hour clock fans. It’s called Sol, written by Alexander Valys, (web site It’s an elegant sun clock showing the rising and setting times of the sun for a number of locations, on a 24 hour dial (12 noon at the top, 24:00 at the bottom).



The Twenty First Century Watch Corporation are very proud of their new watch, which is “designed for the new global society”. The inventor argues that:

Every world time watch we could find seemed to have a twenty-four hour dial with the “24” at the top of the dial. Even many Europeans confided that when they saw or heard a time in 24 hours, they mentally converted it to a 12 hour am or pm time. This was just too confusing, so we drew a circle with two sets of twelve and one 12 at the top to be the ‘Noon’ 12 and one on the bottom to be the ‘Midnight’ 12. This seemed more intuitive as the dial mimicked the appearance of the sun revolving around the earth so that at noon it is directly overhead and at midnight it is directly under us.

world chronos

He’s discovered the old medieval Double-XII system again.

The price is about $2000.