Where to buy watches

Sadly no longer online: the definitive 24 hour watch web site was André’s. It featured a comprehensive list of every available 24 hour watch, and records of every 24 hour watch ever made. You might be able to find some information using the wayback machine

For general buying advice, the best place to go is the 24 hour watch forum at watchuseek. These guys know their watches!

There’s a wide range of 24 hour watches available for sale. You can spend a little or a lot on any watch – from $5 to $500,000 – and 24 hour watches are no different. The basic categories are as follows:

  • inexpensive Russian mechanical
  • inexpensive quartz
  • more expensive mechanical/quartz

Here are just a few examples of watches you can buy. For more ideas, browse the other pages of this site.

Inexpensive quartz

AAA Watch club

To start your collection, buy one – or collect the complete set – of the 24 hour quartz watches from the AAA Watch club. The AAA watch club is a great source for new and inexpensive 24 hour analog quartz watches. You can buy men’s and ladies’ watches, with leather or metal straps, and even with noon on the top (rare!).

2039m24pws front send22039m24kks front send2

These watches are available with 24, 12, or 00 at the top.

24 hour 2039m24pws frontangled sendb24 hour 2039m24kks frontangled sendb

Here’s the new Alpha range:

Alpha AAA watch

These new models keep the three symbols (Air, Land and Sea) but now as morse code on the dial. Features include: a new BIG (43 mm) Case (15mm Thick), a Screw-Down Crown and date indicator at the “south east” position that’s easy on the wrist, and 10 ATM (300 Feet) Water Resistant, plus a Leather Band with matching colour stitches; super LumiNova Hands and luminous Hour Markers; a dome of mineral glass – and dial with two shades representing day and night.


Svalbard, the world’s northernmost brand
of 24-hour watches, offers an extensive range of both one and many-handed 24 hour watches.

These watches and inspired by beautiful, extreme and challenging landscapes of Svalbard and are valued more for their elaborate artistry, aesthetic appeal and fashionable design than for simple timekeeping.

It is time for you to enjoy the exclusive features of the unusual and rare watches. Make a difference and create that aura of uniqueness around yourself by getting one or more of the unusual and individually numbered and unique timepiece.

01 Svalbard FL44 FL11 FL24

02 Svalbard FL20 FL17 FL23

03 Svalbard FA27 FA21 FA18

04 Svalbard FA22 FA19 FA16

04 Svalbard FA22 FA19 FA16

05 Svalbard AA50 AA45 AA34

06 Svalbard AA42 AA16 AA47

07 Svalbard AA48 AA21 AA32

08 Svalbard AA40 AA22 AA15A

09 Svalbard AF11 AA29 AA38

Visit the the official Svalbard Tax-Free Store to see more than 50 different models, and use the code “24HOURTIME24” at checkout to obtain a 7% discount.

RLT watches

Image 800x800

Inexpensive Russian mechanical

For an introduction to Russian 24 hour watches, visit the Russian 24 hours info (russian24hours.info) site.

Mechanical Russian 24 hour watch prices start at around $35 and up. Here’s my Raketa:


and here’s one of the Vostok range I bought from http://www.russia4u.co.uk/:


The Vostok Cosmonaut watch is the “Neil Armstrong version” of the Cosmonaut watch.


This Hummel watch is finely finished and inexpensive at 55 Euros. Unusually, they’ve chosen the noon at the top design:


For $380 or so, you can buy this single-handed 24 hour watch from Botta Design.


This Zeno watch can be found at http://www.zeno-watch.ch or possibly www.timefactors.com:


More expensive mechanical/quartz

You’ll be able to choose from a huge range of modern and used 24 hour watches if you’re prepared to spend from $500 to $5000000.

The Glycine Airman is one of the classics: visit the Glycine site to make your choice of Glycine Airman watches.


Here’s the Breitling Flyback:


And the stylish Airnautic:


From Todd & Marlon comes this Double XII dial:




  1. hola. me gustaria saber donde podria comprar un reloj Hummel ya que me ha gustado bastante pero no lo encuentro. si me podeis indicar la direccion os lo agradeciria mucho.

  2. Hi this is Riaz Ahmad from Dubai U.A.E. I want to purchase 24 hour dial watch here please let me know how can I get it here.


  3. I want some informations about 24 hours watchs, prices, how can I get it..finaly all informations that you can give me.
    I will buy a 24hs watch.
    Prof. M. Junges

    1. They are easy to find on the web; follow the links on this site and visit the forums at watchuseek for advice.

  4. After I imitially commented I seem to have clicked the -Notifyy me when new comments are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I get 4 emails
    with the same comment. Perhaps there is an easy method you can remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

    1. Can you unselect a checkbox? Or is there a check box which says Don’t notify me? Or is there an Unsubscribe link in the email? There’s no tools here to unsubscribe you…

  5. Five new models of 24 hour watches released now! Check official “No-Watch” website – http://www.no-watch.co.uk. 15% off tax-free prices for international orders + additional 10% discount for 24hourtime.info visitors. Use coupon code “417DHBYLVWXH” on checkout.

  6. Hi, I’m write fron Italy… I have an Alain Silberstein 24 heures but can’t find on web any quotations for it.
    The model is with brown leather strap and I remember is made limited edition of 600 pieces.
    Sorry for my poor english language.
    Thank you in advance.


  7. Am from Malaysia and am looking for a nice 24-hour analog dial watch.
    Todd & Marlon’s 24-hour watch is the closest to the design I want with one problem, it’s still 1-12, 1-12.

    Let me know if you’ve seen any that’s of that design but with 24-hour analog dial. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for sharing this helpful posts with the readers as they can get an idea from where they can purchase a watch of good quality.Keep sharing such helpful articles.

  9. Nice watches you share on this blog. 24 hours watch rarely get it because normally watches are 12 hours. I like your watches and nice brand. Thanks for such post.

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