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This site is about the 24 hour analog clock. Here you can find out where to buy 24 hour analog clocks and watches, and where to see some of the more famous examples. There’s a History page, which gives some history about them, and a Software page, with links to some software clocks that offer 24 hour analog capability.

Site history

In 199-something, I received a Swatch watch as a birthday present.


It was unusual in that it had a 24 hour analog dial instead of the more usual 12 hour dial. It piqued my interest, but there wasn’t a lot of information to be found in the libraries that I had access to. I also thought it might be interesting to make a 24 hour analog clock.

The internet helped: I tracked down a supplier of 24 hour quartz movements, and I also eventually found André’s 24 hour watch site.

In March 2000, I decided to put together a few pictures I’d found, a bit of historical background, and a hacked Java 24 hour analog clock applet. Thus was born the 24 hour analog clock site. At first, the site lived on CamNet, the community-oriented ISP in Cambridge, which worked well for years. After many months of problems and unavailability, though, I decided to move the site to Apple’s .Mac servers on 2004-01-12, and it lived there until 2009, when I moved over to WordPress, which is easier to manage.

People from all over the world visit this site (about 300 a day these days), and some make helpful or interesting contributions, for which – “thank you”!

The site is non-profit, makes no money, and doesn’t sell anything – so don’t ask me for watches or clocks!



  1. I’m interested, in the watch that’s on this page. It’s lovely and has writtings on all four corners like Sweet dreams, and Happy Hour etc. Can you tell me, where I can purchase this watch.

    C Bhatti

    1. eBay is a good place to start. Although this model isn’t around at the moment, there are 4 other 24 hour swatches that I saw.

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