More iPhone clocks and watches

A few more 24 hour iPhone applications are appearing in the iTunes App Store. If you want to check any of these out, let me know how they work – I have no idea.

Here’s a familiar sight: the famous Shepherd Gate Clock at Greenwich, London. The Shepherd Gate Clock (this link is a link to the App Store) costs a modest dollar. I’m assuming that this is a genuine 24 hour analog clock. The time here is 20:10. It’s going to look a bit odd at midnight, with that sunlit brick wall…


This next one is a puzzle. It’s called iWatch, and it features an attractive rendering of three watches, including this Patek Phillippe watch with a 24 hour rotating dial. What looks like the hour hand is really the minute hand, and what looks like the minute hand is really the second hand. So the time on this picture is about 04:18:49.


(I’m not a big fan of the design, to be honest. The map is coarse, and that font isn’t attractive.) The real puzzle, though, is why this app is suddenly no longer available on the App Store, now that I want to provide a link to it.

The next app, nHands Clock, is a useful clock that lets you add as many hours hands as you like, with colour and labels of your choice. It’s a clever way of showing you the different time zones of people you know:


Finally, this excellent app is called 25h:


The idea is simple:

Feeling overstretched? 24 hours in a day is not enough? Then 25h is a clock for you.

Trick yourself into having 25 hours in a day. Get things done faster and have an extra “hour” for yourself.

Note that 25h does not modify time–space continuum (or your biological clock) to give you an extra hour. It simply makes the rest of your hours appear a little shorter so that enough time is saved for an additional shorter “hour” at the end of the day.

I know some people who set their watches fast – this is an interesting alternative.



  1. I love the 25H app! I saw something similar with a design for a mechanical analog watch. The hour hand made one revolution in one day and the minute hand made twenty-five revolutions in one day. The minute hand had a rotating dial with sixty minutes attached to it. The hands could be read on the outer chapter rings as 25 hours and 100 minutes to the hour. The same hands could be read on the inner dial as 24 hours and 60 minutes to the hour. As it workes out, the minute hand will align with the hour hand 24 times throughout the day. So at the top, or the “tip” of the hour, the minute hand is pointing in the same direction as the hour hand. At the bottom of the hour, the hands are diametrically opposed.

  2. The design of iwatch is very unique. But I don’t think I want to wear it, because it is very confusing to read.

  3. Just a guess on my part, but it’s possible they pulled the app for the iWatch because Patek Phillipe wasn’t consulted when somebody decided to use their artwork, design, and name.

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