What’s strange about these clocks and watches? And why are there 24 hours in a day but only 12 hours on a typical dial?







They’ve all got 24 hour analog dials: the hour hand goes round once a day, not twice a day. The minute and second hands operate as usual.

This site is dedicated to the unusual character of the 24 hour analog clock (and watch) face.

The watch from Think the Earth illustrates the logic behind the design: it helps you understand the nature of time more clearly.


The dial consists of a model of the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, which rotates once a day, just like the hour hands of all the watches and clocks listed on these pages.

Browse this site if you want to see these and other watches and clocks that show all the 24 hours of the day.

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  1. Can I use a picture of one of your 24 hour clocks for a book I am writing and of course give your site the credit and plug your website?

    Thank you Kevin McGrane

    1. Yes of course. But you’d need to tell me which one – I don’t own the copyright for many of the images used and am using them under a fair use policy, which kind of allows me to use them but not you, I suspect (eg for-profit activities).

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