The Twenty First Century Watch Corporation are very proud of their new watch, which is “designed for the new global society”. The inventor argues that:

Every world time watch we could find seemed to have a twenty-four hour dial with the “24” at the top of the dial. Even many Europeans confided that when they saw or heard a time in 24 hours, they mentally converted it to a 12 hour am or pm time. This was just too confusing, so we drew a circle with two sets of twelve and one 12 at the top to be the ‘Noon’ 12 and one on the bottom to be the ‘Midnight’ 12. This seemed more intuitive as the dial mimicked the appearance of the sun revolving around the earth so that at noon it is directly overhead and at midnight it is directly under us.

world chronos

He’s discovered the old medieval Double-XII system again.

The price is about $2000.


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