Raketa Pocket watch

For a fascinating introduction to the world of Russian 24 hour watches, visit the russian24hours.info site, where Andrei writes knowledgeably about their history and variety:

A 24 hour watch is not just about the expanse of a large country or technological achievements – it is about a different way of looking at both time and space.

Here’s an inexpensive and practical pocket watch that I bought recently from the Zenitar store at eBay, with Victor at Zenitar providing excellent service. It’s a mechanical Raketa. I know nothing about it, other than its price, a mere $35!

I had it modified to make the hands luminous: they’re usually given a simple reflective finish that renders them invisible in certain lighting conditions. With the new coating, the extra contrast makes the watch readable in most lights.


It’s starting to look at bit battered. I might have to buy another one every six months!



  1. These are great pocket watches indeed. I just got one too, but with a yellow dial. Putting some lume on the hands is an excellent idea. Is that hard to do?

    Cheers & kind regards,


  2. I got my local watchmaker to do it for me, for about $10. He did a reasonably good job; he wanted to keep the same hands, but it would probably be possible to use other hands…

  3. i’m watching the zenitar store constantly now to get the watch that you have up there. I see that in the past couple of days he’s put up the same watch but different colored backs; red, yellow, and white are up for sale right now. i prefer the black-ish back that you got, but i’m feeling impatient about it, so i may get the white one.

    i’ve been a fan of your site for a while. thanks for all of your time and effort into 24-hour time!

  4. Thanks. I hope you can get one you like…! Mine keeps good time, but the face can get scratched a bit if you’re not really careful…

  5. With warmest and kindest regards and greetings, My name is Tony and I am looking for a watch. The one I want should be completely mechanical and not battery operated at all. It should have a 24-hour face (once around the dial every twenty-four hours). And it should be of pocket-watch design. The Raketa pocket-watch that you have described and shown herein seems to fit my requirements perfectly. You have indicated that you are inclined to buy one every six months. Would you please tell me from whom/where I may buy one (or more). I have owned other Raketa watches of the wrist-watch and pocket-watch variety. I still do. But I bought those while I was living in Moscow. Each of them are excellent time pieces, so I know that your willingness to buy one every six months is not borne of necessity. Thus, they also appeal to me because of where they come from. Your help and assistance are greatly appreciated. Spaceba. Thank you. Scout.

    1. Hi! I’ve bought from Zenitar at eBay before. He’s as good as you could hope for, I think. Good luck!

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