A few iPad apps

I stumble across the occasional app of interest to this site whenever I browse through Apple’s App Store. If you find something, please feel free to post a comment, especially if you frequent the Android store!



The Phaeton brings 18th-century astronomy to the iPad through a modern interpretation of five astronomical instruments of antiquity: the Tellurion, the Grand Orrery, the Astrolabe, the Lunarium and the Jovilabe.

I like the shiny brass effect.

The developers, Tau Ceti Systems, may have moved on from app development, so I’d grab this before it falls into the black hole of discontinued apps…


Beautiful in another way is Jan Frischmuth’s Orrery:


The 24 hour clock at the bottom goes counterclockwise, which is neat.

You can buy this app for most platforms.

Venice Astronomical Clock of the Piazza San Marco

Masato Mori wrote this simple but appealing simulation of the famous clock in St Mark’s Square, Venice.


This is a decorative app based on the clock tower that stands above the Piazza San Marco in Venice. The astronomical clock features the constellations of the twelve signs on a rich blue background, with special attention paid to the detail on the twelve signs. Display it on your iPad or iPhone to add a taste of Venice to your home. The hand on the 24-hour clock moves slowly but surely, allowing you to enjoy the passing of time at a leisurely pace.

The designer sneaked in a 12-hour option, which I’m not sure about!

Market 24h Clock

Yury Barabanov has done quite a good job with his app called Market 24h Clock, although the buttons on some of the other screens are a bit large for my taste. Still, if you want to know when the financial markets round the world are open, this should do the trick:


Also available for other platforms.


Emerald Sequoia’s Observatory app, a slightly different take on their excellent Chronometer, is slightly compromised (for the purists on this site!) by the 12 hour hands and dial. But the outer 24 hour dial and stunning appearance lets us overlook the omission of 24-hour-only operation. As with Chronometer, it’s an app to take your time and get used to.




  1. I can’t find an email for you, but I just found an awesome iOS app called TruTime. https://appsto.re/us/nEkcJ.i

    It has a one-hand, noon-on-top 24hr option, only instead 0-24hrs it has two side by side 12 hour halves. As an American that doesn’t have an instinctual grasp of military time, this is a godsend.

    I also like the color scheme and there’s a discreet digital readout for precise time. I think it syncs with the iOS calendar but I use google’s version, so booo!

    As someone that has pined for a noon on top Glycine but can’t afford one, this app is even better due to the two twelve hour halves.

    Great site! Cheers!

    1. Yes would be very nice if it was made available again, i used it alot for watching which planets was near earth. I was very confused when it suddenly was gone from my ipad without any notice.

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