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Todd & Marlon: #YOURTIME

From the Todd & Marlon website:

Two Italian Swiss gentlemen questioned the belief that luxury should be inherited or gained over time. They then decided to develop luxury products for young people and this is how Todd & Marlon was born. Todd & Marlon leverage old craftsmanship to create modern pieces of art; being Italians they appreciate beauty and have an innate sense of style and their Swiss heritage injects precision and attention to details in all their works.


We believe that a watch should reflect the natural day/night division hence have a 2×12 hour dial. #YOURTIME dial clearly shows the 2×12 hours with the am hours on the left hand side and the pm hours in the right hand side.

#YOURTIME has been carefully crafted for the people who want to seize the day no matter what. With a 24 hours dial this unique timepiece allows you enjoying every moment of the day. Every second counts and having an accurate view of the time is a must, hence the reason for a Swiss Made Movement custom modified to fit the dial design.

Enjoying the day might take many different angles and a robust and solid watch is paramount. #YOURTIME is made of Titanium, a material more resistant and lighter than standard stainless steel, it is treated with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) technique for a super resistant black matte finish, it has the most resistant crystal made of Sapphire and just to make sure every moment is viable the watch is also resistant to water (10atm/100m). #YOURTIME is the perfect timeless companion for sizing the day.

Fiery and intense: the first Todd & Marlon timepiece showcases Italian Design and Swiss Precision. Handsomely crafted, #YOURTIME iconic shape has been designed to suit sport, casual and business situations. The case shows a sophisticated and elegant silhouette yet it is boldly shaped to resist extreme activities. The dial is made of two layers brushed in different contrasting directions to underline the difference between day and night hours that are emphasized also by the sleek silver sun and moon icons applied at noon and midnight positions respectively. The Diamond Like Carbon treated Titanium custom made bracelet subtly reminds the brand logo.

No sign of pricing or availability yet, but their informative site will no doubt add details when they’re available.


Greenwich Shepherd Gate Clock – now available as a watch

The famous Shepherd Gate Clock at the Greenwich Observatory has been featured frequently on these pages, but at last you can wear this iconic design as a watch, courtesy of the folks at

IP Black 24h galvanic silver dial cocco dark brown strap

At present you can still join in their Kickstarter Campaign, but hurry — the 24 hour models are selling out fast (there is a 12 hour version for the less adventurous).

If you have a Mac computer, you can download my old Greenwich Observatory Shepherd Clock screensaver (halfway down this page). Surprisingly, it still runs OK after nearly 10 years:

Shepherd saver1

Designing for the 24 hour dial, and for the Apple Watch

In a fascinating article, Alex Komarov shares the design process that went into the development of his iPhone (and potential Apple Watch) app called “24 Hours”, a combined time zone calculator and 24 hour clock.


The app is available on the App store now, priced between 1 and 2 dollars/pounds/euros.

The problem:

our team and our clients are distributed across five continents. We have to deal with a half-dozen time zones on a daily basis, which can be a nightmarish experience: calls in the middle of the night, frustration, missed deadlines, broken communication, lost opportunities.

The solution (obvious, of course, to frequent visitors to this site):

We decided that using a 24 hour face is a fair trade-off: it’s not as familiar as a 12-hour clock face. People would have to get used to it, but they’d have a much easier way of telling and converting times once they do. We decided this was a fair trade-off.

The resulting app works well and looks good.

As for their Apple Watch app, it was rejected, because Apple don’t currently allow third-party watch faces:

Long story short: after a bunch of back and forth with the review team we decided to put Apple Watch version of our app on hold and released iOS-only version for the time being.

Although most of the built-in watch displays on the Apple Watch are either digital or analog 12-hour, there is in fact one 24 hour time display built-in — it’s the setting dial for the alarm clock:

IMG 0722

It’s a well-known problem with the 12 hour dial that setting an alarm can be confusing and error-prone, particularly if you’re trying to set an alarm for a time more than 12 hours in the future.

New Forté collection from the AAA Watch club

The AAA watch club have released this new 24-hour Swiss-Movement Quartz ALPHA Series 24 Hour Military Time watch.

Alpha AAA watch

These new models keep the three symbols (Air, Land and Sea) but now as morse code on the dial. Features: New BIG (43 mm) Case (15mm Thick), a Screw-Down Crown and date indicator at the “south east” position that’s easy on the wrist, and 10 ATM (300 Feet) Water Resistant, plus a Leather Band with matching colour stitches; super LumiNova Hands and luminous Hour Markers; a dome of mineral glass – and dial with two shades representing day and night.

These watches are available with 24, 12, or 00 at the top.

Alpha watch

Also updated to Series 3 are the luminous display versions — here’s the beautiful white dial version:

IMG 0610

Order from their web site — and tell Tammy I sent you!

Tauba Auerbach – The Thing Quarterly: currently on sale on eBay

On eBay at the moment:

A wonderful limited edition 24 hour clock from TAUBA AUERBACH created for issue 20 of THE THING QUARTERLY way back in 2013.  Known for her stunning typography and print works this 10.5inch diameter takes on an analogue timepiece with a 24 hour version running from midnight to midnight.  The clock features black hour and minutes hands and gold-hued numerals in AUERBACH’s graphic style.  The clock can be hung with the built-in hook and needs just one AA battery to get up and running. In excellent condition, the clock also comes in a stunning bespoke box from an edition of 1500. 

$ 57

The Berlin Set Theory Clock

berlin-set-theory-clock or 09:54?

This clock has been mentioned in the news recently. It’s the Set Theory Clock, also known as the Berlin Clock. There’s an excellent description — and a working version — at 3Quarks:Berlin Clock. It consists of 24 lights (and a 25th one on the top which flashes every second).

From the description at 3Quarks:

It makes use of the principle of set theory to depict the time. The time of day is displayed in a 24-hour format and can be determined by simply adding and multiplying the glowing lights.
The first, uppermost row consists of 4 red lights, whereby each of these lights stands for 5 full hours. The 4 red lights in the second row display one full hour apiece. For example, if the first 2 lights in the uppermost row and all 4 lights in the second row are lit up, that represents 1400 hours, or 2 p.m. (2 × 5 + 4 hours).

The third row is composed of 11 lights: 3 red and 8 yellow. Each light in this row stands for 5 elapsed minutes. The 3 red lights have been assigned to mark the quarters of an hour and are intended to make reading the clock easier. Last of all, the yellow row at the very bottom displays units of single minutes.

The working version can be found at 3Quarks – Set Theory Clock.

The original version was installed in 1975:

Dieter Binninger, an inventor and tinkerer from Berlin who is also a trained clockmaker, designed the Set Theory Clock on behalf of the Berlin Senate in 1975. The clock was installed on Kurfürstendamm in the Berlin-Charlottenburg district and rapidly evolved into a tourist attraction, though it turned out to have one serious disadvantage: its inner workings consisted of hundreds of light bulbs, some of which constantly burned out.

For clock watchers, the clock shows different time scales. You can observe the slow march of the 5-hour periods on the top bar, or watch each minute pass by on the bottom bar. Unfortunately, reading the precise time requires some mental arithmetic, which makes the clock hard to use.

As for why it’s in the news, some references to a “Berlin Clock” have been made in reference to the famous Kryptos sculpture: Sculptor Offers Another Clue in 24-Year-Old Mystery at C.I.A..

If it’s not a reference to this clock, perhaps it’s a reference to the Alexanderplatz World Clock:

Berlin 376444 640

No Watch: special edition

You can find this elegant 24 hour watch, and other interesting pieces, at No Watch.


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If you have any questions, visit the web site.