Glycine watch saver

I made another screen saver for MacOS X, using Quartz Composer. This is a fairly accurate copy of the Glycine Airman Double 24 09. I’ve been reading about the Glycine Airman in André’s excellent book “Glycine Airman: a 24 hour timeline of flight” (more here).


Download (MacOS X only)



  1. What program are you using to run this? All I can seem to do is use Quick time player. Not my screen saver.

    1. It should run in the screensaver engine on MacOs leopard and snoe leopard. What version are you running?

  2. Hi.
    I downloaded the .zip file and unzipped it with Archive
    This gave me glycine-watch-saver.qtz which OS X offers to open with either DivX Player or QuickTime.
    The DivX Player then tells me the file appears to be corrupt and cannot be opened.
    QuickTime tells me I must first install QuickTime 7, which I did and that shows me the watch ‘floating’ around in the QuickTime window – correct time and date of course – but I would not know how to tell the machine to run this as screen saver.
    Very nice rendition though.

    1. Try putting it into ~/LIbrary/ScreenSavers (create the folder if necessary) and then open ScreenSaver preferences. Then it should be in the list of screensavers. Possibly the other thing to do is rename it from .qtz to .saver… A qtz file will, when double-clicked, open in Quartz Composer (it’s creator) but only if you have that installed (it’s in the Developer tools) – then you can edit it to your heart’s content. Obviously you’ve got other applications which are claiming .qtz files as theirs.

      Double-clicking files in MacOS X these days is more complicated then you might expect… 🙂

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