The sound of a one-handed clock

If you have some time (and a Mac), please could you test my one-handed 24 hour clock screensaver?

I added a GMT/UT0 hand, but I’m not sure if it works well outside GMT-land.

(It doesn’t make any sounds. That’s just a zen reference.)

Download (MacOS X only)



  1. I’m in PDT, and the results are a bit odd – at 7:30AM, it shows arrow hand at 14:30 and orange hand at 15:30.

    Nice use of quartz, I like it. I’d be glad to do testing for you, as I’d like to leave this running on the spare mini in my office.

    1. thanks! the second hand is trying to sweep, too, which isn’t helping πŸ™‚ that yes thing could involve some programming …

    1. Cool, thanks. I’ll start to worry about Daylight Saving Time problems later this year! πŸ™‚

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