Swedish clocks

From Sweden, Sylvie emails to tell us about her work with 24 hour clocks:

In Sweden we have been developing new ways for people with development disorder to handle their everyday activities. A very difficult field is to handle time. Time is hard to get a grip on when you are not able to think abstract or have trouble making a plan in your mind. It’s too many thinking activites involved at the same time. In Sweden we have developed several technical aids and some methods to help simplify handling time issues. One of these are 24 hour clocks.Unfortunately we do not have home sites in English that describe our work with this.

The best site to get to know what we are dealing with is www.pajalaklockan.com/. You can click below the clock icon on Tidshjalpmedel. Now there is a menu where you will find the Swedish word dygnsklocka which means 24 clock.


There are three models right now. The first one was developed in the northern region of Sweden where it hardly ever gets dark in the summer time. This created lots of trouble for people with thinking difficulties. A man who worked at a daycare center developed it to help some of his mates. Now they are selling it. It’s called Pajalaklockan after the village. It has plastic bits for every half hour that you can put messages, symbols on, and they come in different colours making it possible to mark the working hours in different colours from freetime and sleeping time.


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