24 hour

Tinker, Tailor, Burglar

I was watching the 2011 movie version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) – IMDb, and there was Mr Benedict Cumberbatch (aka Sherlock), robbing a filing cabinet.

Tinker Tailor clock

On the wall behind him is what looks like a 24-hour clock. It’s hard to say, but it looks similar to the one you can buy from the Spinners Discount Pilot Shop:

zulu clock


Mr Jones Time Traveler watch

From Mr Jones watches, another 24 hour watch, this time one aimed at international travellers. The Time Traveler watch shows the time in 16 different locations of the world at the same time. The time in Paris? Look fo the Eiffel Tower. New York? Find the Statue of Liberty.


 UTC -11
UTC -10
UTC -9
UTC -8    Golden Gate Bridge (USA)
UTC -7    Salt Lake Temple (USA)
UTC -6    Sears Tower (USA)
UTC -5    The Statue of Liberty (USA)
UTC -4    
UTC -3
UTC -2
UTC -1
UTC       Big Ben (England)
UTC +1    Eiffel Tower (France)
UTC +2    Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Turkey)
UTC +3    Abraj Al-Bait Towers (Saudi Arabia)
UTC +4    Burj Khalifa (Dubai)
UTC +5    Minar-e-Pakistan
UTC +6    Alma-Ata TV Tower (Kazakhstan)
UTC +7    Baiyoke Tower II (Thailand)
UTC +8    Oriental Pearl Tower (China)
UTC +9    Tokyo Skytree (Japan)
UTC +10   Sydney Tower (Australia)
UTC +11
UTC +12   Sky Tower (New Zealand)

It’s another limited edition, so hurry before they sell out. Visit the Mr Jones Web site for details.

24-hour clocks for kids

Timely idea wakes up a new venture

(a news item printed in the Birmingham Post, May 8 2002)

Night after night Mark and Taryn Freemantle faced the same torture.
Come 4am, without fail, they would find themselves abruptly wrenched out of their peaceful slumber.
There, standing at the edge of the bed would be – horror of horrors – their two-year-old daughter Saffron, ready to start the day.
Anyone who has suffered the nightly sleep interruption faced by new parents will sympathise with the Freemantles.
As young professionals struggling to hold down demanding jobs, not getting a good night’s kip can be devastating, undermining one’s performance at work and making domestic life far from bliss.
Mark, however, decided to do something to end the nightmare. He put to use his university training as a product design degree student to invent what he believes is the world’s first clock that helps children sleep.

“I was racking my brains to find ways to get my daughter to stay in her bed,”

said the 38 year-old who works as a commercial manager in the automotive sector.

“She would wake up at 4am and wouldn’t understand she needed to wait another three hours before we woke up. We tried having a light that switched on in the morning, but if she woke up and the light wasn’t on she got very frustrated.”
“The trouble is most children cannot tell the time until they are over five years old and struggle to read numbers.” 

Mark decided what was needed was something that clearly showed the difference between night and day in a way that children could understand.
So, he cobbled together a number of clock parts to make a 24-hour one that split the face into a yellow-coloured day section and a dark blue night section. The difference between night and day was clearly indicated by the position of a star-tipped hour hand. To finish off, Mark gave the clock a mechanism, allowing parents to adjust the size of the night and day period. 

“I thought if my daughter could visually see how long she had to wait before getting up and get a sense of time, it would help,” 

said Mark.

“It needed to be very pictorial for young children to understand.”

The clock worked a treat and little Saffron stayed in her own bed giving the Freemantles the greatest gift known to parents – uninterrupted sleep.

History lesson: a brief history of the 24-hour clock

Although this free electronic book isn’t strictly about the 24-hour analog clock, but about the 24-hour time system, it has some relevance to the clocks and watches displayed on this site.

If you have an iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch you can download it directly onto your device into the  iBooks app from a link on this page. If you have some other kind of eBook reader, you may be able to download it if you can load ePub or PDF books. Either way, let me know!

An astrolabe on your iPhone and iPad

The Astrolabe Clock is:

an astronomical clock inspired by the astrolabe, an ancient astronomical instrument used to tell time and to predict the location of the Sun, stars and planets. This modern interpretation gives a view of the sky showing at a glance the time of day, day of year, and the location in the sky of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars. Astrolabe Clock also gives the time of sunrise and sunset, the phase of the Moon, transit times for the Sun, Moon, planets and stars, and can be used to show the occurrence of solar and lunar eclipses.

See the web site at http://www.twonineeightsoftware.com/AstrolabeClock.html or visit the iTunes app store.

eBay watch … clocks

Saw these two items of interest on eBay today.

Here’s a cool Soviet submarine clock:

Soviet Russian Submarine 24 hours Clock

As the description notes:

Hours use on submarines have dial up to 24 hours,as it is under water is not the time of day,day or night.

Well, you know what he means! Find this item here until 17-Nov-10 20:20:40 GMT.

Next is this fine-looking quartz clock described as an “Intensive Care Day and Night” 24 hour clock:

Seldec Marine clock

Brand NEW from Seldec Maritime

Use in intensive care wards in hospitals, waking up from an operation, not knowing where you are or what time it is,seeing this clock, immediately you are aware of the time day or night!

This 24 Hour clock is a must for people with relatives overseas, set the clock to their local time and see at a glance if its night or day! A black/white face, black/white hour and minute hands, hour markings for hours 1 thru 24, with minutes marked, a red  second hand is provided. This clock differs from standard clocks in that the hour hand rotates only once every 24 hours, rather than twice as in standard clocks, thereby being able to indicate each of the 24 hours.

Find this item here until 11-Dec-10 07:59:40 GMT.