Ikea wall clock

Ikea are now selling this single-handed 24 hour clock for a modest £12.




  1. I cannot find this on either the Dutch IKEA website nor the ikea.co.uk version.
    What do they call it? Do they have one the right way up (noon at the top)?

    1. Alas, both Dutch (where I live) and UK sites have no mention of it and Anna, the AI customer assistant wasn’t any help either. But thanks for the quick response.
      Maybe they kept being brought back because the one hand was going round too slow so they dropped it from their collection.

    2. I just got one from IKEA Edmonton branch in London……I am in the process of re-creating a new dial and new 24 HR pointed hand….in red!

  2. Hi just bought the above ikea clock for my son as he thought it was really unusual and this might turn out to be really simple but how do you tell when it’s half past, quarter past etc?

    1. HI Stacy – I don’t think you’re supposed to… 🙂 There are quite a few one-handed clocks and watches around, and the idea of a lot of them is I think more in the way of a fashion statement or philosophical talking point (or even a joke) than a properly accurate timepiece. (e.g. see Klaus Botta’s watch). Like all things clock-related, it’s possible to develop skills over time, so I bet you could become more accurate with experience.

      Anyway, it would make a novel excuse for being late…

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