Site move

I’ve just completed moving this site over to WordPress. If you’re reading this, we both made the move successfully. Apart from a few broken links, most of it appears to be OK. If anything isn’t working that should be, please let me know (there’s a Contact form on the Welcome page) .


This is a picture of my current screensaver project – a one-handed design. I’m still undecided as to whether I like the diluted precision.



  1. I like this design, it’s nice and clear, uncluttered and not garishly coloured. At first glance it does look somewhat similar to the UNO-24 by Botta-Design, but they have given each hour just six subdivisions.

    I own a YES one-handed watch and must say I would prefer to have a minute hand as well so that I can see the time with a greater degree of accuracy without having to activate the LCD digital time display.

    With a screensaver it will be no problem to have the single hour hand accurately pointing at the right time. With a physical watch, such as the YES, I found it difficult to position the hour hand, push the crown back in and have it pretty well on the dot.

    Rather curious as to the reason you have opted for the darker half of the dial to be for daylight hours.

  2. Hi Philip. With these quartz composer creations, I try to make sure that there’s a 12 on top/12 on bottom switch. FLipping the graphics needs to be done, too – and I either forget or don’t get round to it.

    I think the single-handed design is OK for screensavers. For watches, I’m not so sure.

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