How to grow clocks

I stumbled across an interesting piece on YouTube recently. It has only a passing relevance to this site, but it was too cool to ignore. It’s from a contributor called cdk007, whose presentation is part video, part lecture, and part software demonstration. It explores an idea that was made famous by the Reverend William Paley, an 19th century English clergyman, who argued that, just as watches are too complicated to have arisen spontaneously and must have been fabricated by a watchmaker, so life on earth must have been made by an intelligent designer. The ‘blind watchmaker’ analogy has been explored both by evolutionists as an example of an illogical and fallacious argument in favour of some god-like creator figure, and by creationists as a – perhaps initially – plausible objection to evolution. Most famously, Richard Dawkins has persuasively argued the Darwinian side, pointing out, in his ‘Blind Watchmaker’, that the forces of natural selection can produce amazing complexity.

cdk007 isn’t content to just point out the illogicalities of the creationist argument, though. He goes one step further, and examines the argument using a software simulation. I love the way his collection of mating clocks with mutating genomes manage to enter ‘the age of pendulums’, before evolving further into four-handed clocks.


The clocks grown by the simulation manage to evolve – you guessed – a 24 hour dial! Notice here the number of seconds on the left-most dial – 86,817 is close to the number of seconds in a 24 hour day.


The video can be seen here.


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