Radical designs

Here’s an amazing new look 24 hour analog watch, designed by Kent Parks at Everest Watches.


The daylight hours are at the right side of the dial, and the nighttime hours are on the left side. It all glows in the dark, too!

I saw this on the WatchUSeek 24 hour watch forum. This is a great place to meet 24 hour watch enthusiasts and experts, and talk about 24 hour watches.

Another reason to show this watch here is that it illustrates the difference between the 24 hour dial and the 24 hour time format. The 24 hour dial shows all the hours of a day at once; the 24 hour time format (known outside the US as ISO 8601) uses the numbers 13 to 23 for afternoon and evening hours rather than AM and PM suffixes. This watch, like so many 24 hour clocks and watches from earlier centuries, uses a double-12 numbering system rather than the 24 hour time format.


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