Arlene’s clock

Arlene emailed me with details of a clock that she bought at an auction many years ago.

The box contained a carved wooden clock face and some parts. From the remaining parts, it appears to have been a weight driven wall clock. It has a 24 hour face with 12 at top and bottom and all numbers in Arabic numerals. A slim bodied bird (now minus its wings) on a wire appeared to have sat on top of the clock and may have been turned by some part of the mechanism. It was not however, a ‘cuckoo’ clock – the bird was large compared to the clock and did not leap out of the clock. The auctioneer said that the clock was a model of a European tower clock but did not remember which country or tower.

This is the clock before Arlene made some repairs.



Here it is running, after some repairs. If you’ve seen this type of clock before, or know anything about them, please let us know!


arlenesclockparts.jpg arlenesclockparts2.jpg


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