Eclipse widget

Software people don’t always provide a 24 hour analog clock widget in their applications, but it’s a good idea – if only because it spares users who don’t like AM/PM having to specify times using these options. Here’s a more enlightened developer – Jeremy Dowdall – who has designed the Nebula CDateTime widget for Eclipse:


It looks to me like it would be much easier to set the time using this widget than a 12-hour widget. What do you think?

World clock animation

Here’s a snapshot of a lovely animated version of the ‘earth as a clock’ idea that is explored in the design section of this site. The Canadian company called this is it who produced this have also constructed a real 24 hour clock, which you can see on their site.


The earth rotates anticlockwise (what we Brits call counterclockwise). Unusually the animation has adopted to use the 12 hour time system.