Islamic prayer clock

Ali Adams has produced a 24 hour clock in Java designed to support Islamic daily prayers.


The five extra hands you see are the calculated times for the 5 daily ritual prayers. Read more at Wikipedia: Salat.

Download the source code here ( 66KB)



Dashboard widget

If you’re a Mac user you may have upgraded to Apple’s latest operating system revision, widely known as Tiger. Among the many nice features is the Dashboard, where you can keep little applications. Yet again, however, Apple has failed to include a 24 hour analog clock, offering us only the standard 12 hour clock with AM/PM indicators. But we’re not thwarted so easily:


More on the Software page.


For my Mac I’ve created this 24 hour analog clock by adapting a cool 12 hour clock provided by the extremely cool Konfabulator.


The works of the clock consist of a short JavaScript program (Konfabulator provides a JavaScript engine to animate your creations). You can create a face for the clock using any graphics program – this was my first effort in Adobe Illustrator.